Sunday, April 15

SUPER FAST!: How to peel bunch of garlic in seconds

Below is an easy way peeling garlic that I saw in a chinese website. Very fast and effective. Besides, it prevents your hand smells like garlic. The sequence is from upper left corner to the right, then 2nd row, and then 3rd row.

1st row.
1. Use a 500ml plastic cup and a whole garlic.
2. peel of the outer skin and separate the garlic cloves.
3. Put the garlic cloves into the cup and closed the cap.

2nd row.
4. Shake hard and fast.....up and down.
5. Shake harder...
6. When you opened the cap, all the garlic cloves are peeled~!

3rd. row.
7. Separate garlics from the skin.
8. Super fast! All garlics are peeled.