Wednesday, April 18

Another Chicken Recipe: Chicken Fried Rice

This is another chicken recipe. I had some left over rice that I kept in the fridge, I wondered what I can do with them. Since I have cooked chicken soup, it is obviously chicken fried rice. :). Fried rice is a common easy way to finish any left over rice. You can combine with other available ingredient, or other left over you have to create a variety of fried rice.

This chicken recipe of fried rice is a simple one. Like most of Chinese fried rice recipe, they are all pretty similar. The only difference is the ingredient. The process are same. So once you have a good mastering of the fried rice way, you can add whatever ingredient you like in your fried rice.

What you need is 1 bowl of left over rice ( mom said overnight rice is best for fried rice), cooking another bowl of rice is contradictory to the Principle of Lazy Recipe. One or two eggs, depend on your liking. and ingredients such as chicken breast strip, or green beans, or tomatoes, depends on what you have in your fridge. For my case, I have plenty of chicken soup. I will be using chicken meat and some skin (for chickenish flavor) for my chicken fried rice recipe.

Cost: 0.50--1.00
Easiness: 3/5 (needs some practice for perfection)
laziness: 4/5
time required: 5min.

Summarize the ingredient
A bowl of Rice (left over or freshly cooked is fine)
Eggs ( 1 or 2)
Chicken meat and skin from left over chicken soup.( or other ingredients such as broccoli, cauliflower, corn, etc. ( A lazy way is to use canned beans, they are nice and cooked)
soy sauce

1. On heated pan, heat oil enough to fry egg. Turn heat to medium.( to prevent burn)
2. While eggs are half way done, put rice into it.
3. stir and press the rice so they are kinda separated. You don't want the rice to stick and lump together.
4. add your ingredients.( You might want to cook your ingredient first before adding into fried rice. Since my chicken is already cooked, I can just add them into it.)
5. If the rice is too dry for your liking, you may add a little bit of water.
6. Stir the rice. Mix them well, make sure the eggs and ingredients are cooked. Continue doing step 3 to separate rice.
7. Add 1 or 2 packet of soysauce for taste. Add some salt as well. Add pepper if you will.
8. Stir.
9. serve.

It is best to use a non-stick pan. I bought one from Chinese supermarket for $6.99 on sale. They are not extremely good quality, but still good for daily use. The reason for that is fried rice tend to stick to the pan if they are burnt. It is too much work to clean them. Add more oil can prevent the sticky situation, but that is not a healthy way to do.

That's it for my another chicken recipe. Stay tuned for additional chicken recipes. :)
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