Monday, April 16

S0000o Lazy: Chicken Soup Chinese Style

Chicken is pretty cheap compared to other types of meat. I just bought few pounds of chicken thigh for 0.99/lbs from Ralphs. Chicken soup is one of the simplest dish I cooked regularly when I am too busy studying.(blogging? :D )

Total Cost: Approx. $2.00
Laziness: SOOOOo (4/5)
Time: 25min

Chicken thigh/ drumstick ( I don't use breast as they tend to become hard and they are relatively expensive)
Carrot (1 - 2 stick)
Potatoes (1 large)

Depend on your preference, you can change the amount of potatoes/ carrots used. Scroll down for the Lazy version.

Here's the step:
1. Defrost chicken, wash, and cut them into appropriate bite size.
2. Boil water
3. While waiting water to boil, peel, clean, cut for carrot and potatoes.
4. After water is boiled, put carrots, potatoes, and chiken in.

5. Bring to boil and turn down heat to simmer ( that is boil in a smaller degree)
6. Wait 20 minuetes, test for chicken. Simmer for an hour if you like.
7. Add salt and sugar in ratio of 1 to 1.25.
8. Add 2 packet of soy sauce you got from PandaExpress
9. Serve a person for 4 meals.

Lazy version:
1. Defrost chicken, wash them
2. Boil water.
3. Put chicken in
4. Add sugar, salt, and soy sauce.
5. Serve.

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