Monday, April 16

SUPER FAST!: How to defrost meat

It is always a problem when coming to defrosting meat.

Using microwave is convenient and fast. The con of microwave method is that some parts of the meat will be cooked while some other part are still raw or icy.

Using hot water soaking is another way, but due to the prolonged period of water contact, the meat losses its original flavor.

My solution to this situation is to place meat into a plastic bag and put the bag into hot water.

Another method I used pretty often is to place meat on a iron pan while having another smaller pan stacking on it. The metal pan provide a good heat conduction and pressure necessary to speed up the defrosting process. Sometimes, I add hot water on the top pan to speed up the process. Usually it only takes 10 minuetes to defrost 1 lbs of chicken breast.

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