Sunday, April 15

SUPER EASY!: How to cut onions

I forgot where did I saw the original post. I used this tips frequently to prevent smelly hands and tearful eyes. now, lets start.

1. Peel the outer skin of onion. Don't throw all the outer skin away, use them to hold the onion.
2. Cut the onion in half.
3. Cut radially from the root of the onion while keeping the root intact to the onion.
4. Cut perpendicularly to the initial cuts(step 3) until reaching the root. Flip the onion if needed.
5. Discard the root and outer skin.
6. While cutting onion, try not to position the onion directly below your eyes. This prevent teary eyes.

I believe there are some other ways to prevent teary eyes, such as peel the onion under running water tap, but that is just a waste of water.

share your onion cutting tips in the comment. :D

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