Friday, May 25

how to get the most out of pizza deal

As a college student, pizza is one of the essential survival food source. There's often pizza deal around the neightbourhood, and it become kinda hard to decide which one gives the best deal, until I came across this article on consumerist today.

It appears that the problem can be solved by using some simple geometry by calculating the total surface area of the pizza. Using the equation Area=pi*radius^2.

so for 2 medium 8inch pizza, the total area is 2 * pi* 4^2 = 32*pi inch square
for 1 large 12 inch pizza, the area is pi *6^2 = 36pi inch suqre
the difference : 36pi - 32pi = 4pi inch square , approximately 12 inch square , that is equivalent to an extra 4 inch pizza! ( if u wonder how i got it, that is square root of 4 for radius)

a nice trick if u cant make up your mind. :)

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